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MARSOC K9 HANDLER Comments on HVG training


“Great Training. Shows the faults and various ways we as individuals get into our own way.  I personally enjoyed finding out my deficiencies and ways to mitigate and improve cognitive reasoning with the methods introduced by HVG.”


“I am interested and would like to learn more and learn how to manage levels properly to perform more clear headed.”


“I was very interested in all of the information covered and would like to work with HVG more in the future.  I would prefer the class portion to be longer and would like to have a few weeks to work with HVG, rather than just a few days.”


“My HRV is low/down, I know what that feels like and w/ the training tools provided I can utilize recovery points.”


The training I've received from Human Venture Group has been an invaluable tool in improving my own performance. 
My 30 year career as an armed professional includes Military, Law Enforcement and Security Contracting experience. 
I regret that this type of cognitive training was not available as I began this journey.  As a professional tactical trainer, we can teach necessary skill sets, but often pay lip-service to
"mind-set" required to employ those skills in the real world.  Or, even more important, to manage the inevitable stress associated with a critical incident.  This training is a must for those who realize how crucial "software" is over "hardware"
in developing team members that can survive and sustain operational tempo.

US Marine, Army Ranger, Law Enforcement Officer.

After 20 plus years an an Infantryman with multiple combat tours in the Army and as a security contractor I was extremely impressed by Human Ventures mindset training.  It took me years to develop the ability stay mission focused while controlling my emotions and mindset, more importantly managing that stress and recognizing its onset would have made me a more effective Soldier and leader.  I strongly recommend Human Venture's services to anyone going in harm's way.


1SG U.S. Army (Ret)

Paratrooper, Army Ranger    

After years in the medical field as a SOCM medic and security contractor with multiple years overseas, having the valuable tools to perfect the mind and understand the natural reactions of the body and brain is paramount to performing in a high threat environment. 

It takes training and proper  mindset to understand the natural responses of the human organism. Human Ventures goes straight to the point and focuses on the minds intent for survival to build both physical and mental resiliency while going into harm's way. 

Perfecting both physical and mental awareness takes training, doing so will increase your external awareness while working in austere environments. I recommend anyone going into harm's way to utilize Venture's program to optimize their performance/survival. 


U.S. Army Veteran

NSDQ, 160th SOAR 

As a U.S. Army Ranger, I have over 30 years experience conducting regular and Special Operation missions across the world. During my years in the military as well as 10 years within the private security sector, I have attended numerous schools and training seminars, none of which compared to Human Venture Group's "Agile Mindset" seminar. The instruction and training are above any previous training I have received. It has given me an opportunity to assess myself and past capabilities under several intense situations. After attending, I now have a better understanding that allows me to have better control and turn what used to be an intense situation into a controlled situation. I would recommend HVG's seminar to anyone.

U.S. Army Sniper / Ranger

I recently attended Human Venture Group's "Agile Mindset" seminar and found the information to be extremely beneficial. Plainly stated: "it just makes sense." By "flying your balloon", you increase your awareness and adaptability, while decreasing anxiety. This allows you to stay mentally focused and resilient, and accomplish the task at hand. No matter which situation you may find yourself in. 

The training is truly an amazing tool. I believe that every individual, whether serving in our Military, Law Enforcement or ANY Government Agency, should attend this course. Knowing oneself not only allows for proper mindset, but becomes the key to success and survivability, during any critical incident response. Great job, and thanks for the information!!!

U.S. Army Special Forces / Private Security Contractor

Training the mind and body is nothing new to the indoctrinated warrior. The trend, however, is to train the body to perfection and simply be "mentally tough". Most people in this environment are already mentally tough to begin with.  They are considered Subject Matter Experts and mentally agile. Making good decisions is a daily success that is overlooked and sometimes costly. 

In my 25+ years of training to be at the cutting edge I have yet to find anything remotely close to this training that collects, analyzes, and produces instant biometrically accurate results. Having the proper mindset prior to anything is an important key element. Having the right mindset when it matters the most can be the difference in coming home. 

As a Coach for Human Ventures Group I find this training is the missing key long overdue in a world where training to be the best means you have to consider every detail and variable. Living in the moment and processing the world at a fast pace with razor like accuracy. Mindset is the software that drives the hardware, without it we are just strong. With it we are unstoppable. 

U.S. Navy Veteran
SOIDS, Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman

As a U.S. Marine, Security Contractor, and combat veteran I can not sufficiently express the value that HVG's mindset training provides. The ability to monitor my mental and emotional status real-time and then correlate the data with my perceived condition is invaluable in searching out weak points and correcting them to improve my overall survivability in future conflicts. HVG is also the only human performance organization that provides a true "shooter to shooter" relationship and their staff understands exactly where I've been and how to relate to my experiences. 

Force Recon Marine, Private Security Contractor

In a law enforcement career that has spanned almost 30 years, working some of the most violent crime infested neighborhoods and several years as a security contractor, I have been through more than my share of training. I can say, unequivocally that HVG has the instruction and, more importantly, the instructors to enhance your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. While other trainers are doing their own version of the same thing we've seen for years, HVG has created a paradigm shift. Their teaching model is one that focuses on the mind - the mental processes that enables you to make the most effective use of technical skill. They understand that the most powerful weapon you have is what you're packing between your ears and THAT is where HVG goes to work. I recommend HVG to anyone who will not accept anything less than total success. 

Pennsylvania State Police - Retired

United States Marine 

Private Security Contractor


As a military veteran, a paramedic, a firefighter and a backcountry rescue specialist, I have been responding to high risk and stressful situations for over 25 years.  I have trained and studied countless hours of leadership, tactics and strategy.  When things didn't go well on a mission, the go to answer was to train more, but there was a missing piece.  Why did some personnel struggle while under stress while others were able to navigate it with ease? 


The Agile Mindset training helped me to understand what was happening under the hood.  The link between biometrics and Situational Awareness is a critical component.  I was not aware of how cognitive function decreases when we don't adequately mange our body's response to stress.


This training is essential for all emergency response organizations who want to raise the effectiveness of their responders.  I want all my responders operating with maximum cognitive function and situational awareness!


Assistant Fire Chief
Red Lodge Fire Rescue 



Excellent class, top 2 or 3 that I’ve taken at SRI in the last decade. Good info throughout, definitely a missing link in Tactical / Law Enforcement training.
Orange County S.O.


I appreciate the delivery of presentation. This topic is often overlooked and hearing the reassurance that it is a big part of what we do, was beneficial.
Palm Beach S.O.


This is a new way for us to improve and be a better operator. Thanks for showing the truth and showing me a different way to deal with things.
Palm Beach S.O.


The science behind this is very interesting and I wish we could use it on our team. Combining it with the coping methods would be helpful to anyone in this job.

Palm Beach S.O.


Excellent course on a very interesting topic.
Harrisburg P.D.


Loved the class. We put out something similar at our department. You guys dive into these topics more and have great knowledge. I will take a lot back to my department.   Gainesville P.D.


Great class to participate in. Very beneficial for the job and life. Outstanding presentation.
Palm Beach S.O.


Great class. Very informative. This type of training is very useful and helps. I will definitely use this training and knowledge in my line of work, and pass it on to others.   Palm Beach S.O.


Very useful information, will definitely put it to use.
Douglas County S.O.


This class is so important. I hope this training becomes common to all in Law Enforcement.
Orange County S.O.

Spending over 15 years in a SWAT and Law Enforcement environment, the training put on for our team from Human Venture Group was some of the best.

Before training even began we were asked what we felt we in a rural area would deal with mostly so they can build their training and scenarios around that first. Once the baseline was set, the real training began. We worked a mixture of basic, high-intensity, and unfamiliar problems and scenarios. Once the day was over and data started flowing in, the highly skilled human venture group team explained what was going on with your mind at the certain time stress was exposed.


They just didn’t let you know about it, they also showed you how to fix it and train your mind to run smoother and more efficient. This is training I would recommend to anyone. We as a team look forward to future work with the talent they offer.

State Police SWAT

Sheriffs Office SWAT


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