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We are a team of veteran operators, with decades of experience in military special operations, law enforcement and intelligence operations. We are also surprisingly enlightened for a bunch of knuckle-draggers. We study neuroscience, performance psychology, cognitive behavior theory, Ancient Wisdom Traditions, and we consult with leading researchers in these fields. As veteran operators, we speak a language that operators understand, and we can bridge the gap between science and tactics. Our goal is to give everything we have to the next generation so they accomplish their missions and come home intact. 


• Better performance under extreme stress

• Increased resilience during and after the mission

• Quicker recovery after the mission

• Reduced incidence of post-stress trauma, illness, and injury

• Improved self and situational awareness on and off duty

The future will demand that our men and women working in harms way, be comfortable with uncertainty, be able to adapt quickly to fast paced events, possess emotional maturity and professional judgement while making sound decisions.  

Understanding how stress affects their performance
and how to master techniques that allow optimal performance, will assist in development of internal regulation, as well as leveraging thought performance. This resiliency will allow emotional, cognitive and behavioral control over the symptoms of stress.


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