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Our “After Survival” seminar discuses the importance of negotiating the “survival arc” that allows one to move through denial and deliberation, into the present.


Being able to compartmentalize and place certain experiences “in the box” is a must for our men and women who have, or are, working in harms way.


 While working in non permissive environments, the tendency is to compartmentalize difficult events when there is no time to dwell on past issues. However, upon returning home, the time span now allows for the dissection and processing of these thoughts.


During our discussion, we “empty the box” and address such topics as “survivors’ guilt”, prevention/mitigation of “traumatic stress”, then wrap up with “home-town R.O.E.’s”.


Our goal for each team member, is to have them leave the seminar with a better understanding of why

and how they can (and do) choose their current state of being. That particular “state of being” will determine how they process and understand past, present

and future experiences and will impact long term resiliency as well as the preservation of our forces.

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