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HVG offers comprehensive fixed and mobile site security solutions. We integrate Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance tradecraft with high-technology standoff systems such as CounterBomber® to create an agile, multilayered sphere of security. Our HUMINT, K9, and ELINT professionals work together to provide tailored solution for each client in any location and under any condition of threat. 

Suicide bombings increased
by 94% in 2014

(According to the National Security Studies)

CounterBomber® is a powerful solution that allows for the identification of threats from very long distances. Whether you are with a foreign government looking to provide extra security around critical infrastructures sites, or a director of security in the retail or hospitality industry, CounterBomber® will give you and your security personnel time and distance unmatched by any other system to address potential threats. 

CounterBomber® is a proven security asset that provides protection at high value locations such as federal buildings, mass transit hubs, hospitals, military bases, and energy plants. It has been extensively tested by the U.S. government and deployed by security forces around the globe. 

CounterBomber®'s combination of radar and video technology allows the system to automatically detect concealed person-borne threats, such as suicide vests and weapons, in real-time and at stand-off detection solution on the market, CounterBomber® identifies threats without bogging down security operations, reducing risk to security personnel and saving lives. 

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